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Pinpoint Marketing - A Hyper-Personalized Approach to Lead Generation

As technology advances, the need for a personalized marketing approach grows. Pinpoint marketing is a marketing technique used to create a memorable and enjoyable first-time interaction. This marketing approach caters to the potential lead, allowing for greater interaction customization. As a result, the chances of sparking interest rise. 

What is Pinpoint Marketing?

In general, marketing is the process for building, advertising, distributing, and transferring offerings that contain value. Pinpoint marketing is a hyper-personalized, target-research backed method of marketing.  This method involves performing research of potential targets as a means of instigating interest through a personal connection.  Mainly, we are looking for a particular, connection-worthy item, such as a personal achievement, an upcoming event, or a recent post, that can be easily connected to our end-point goal or offer. 

Why Pinpoint Marketing?

With the proper research conducted, we can then use a trajectory-specific item to formulate a case-specific approach.  Through the use of a hyper-personalized approach, marketers are able to significantly impact lead responsiveness, which can easily instigate downward movement through the sales funnel, eventually leading to a possible deal.

Does The Pinpoint Method Work For All Businesses?

In all honesty, it seems that the pinpoint method can work for any business in any industry. With that in mind, it is safe to assume that marketers can disregard the actual service or product that a company sells, and instead, focus on enhancing the personalization factor as means of driving success. However, it is always important to create an immersive prospect experience that will eventually loop back to the initial offer.

A Humanized & Friendly Approach

Nowadays, people aren't as easily fooled by marketing tricks and spam-like writing.  In order to fully entice a potential lead, writing must feel human, not robotic and sales-like. Furthermore, people are usually very busy, which means they don't have the time to read lengthy messages. For this reason, we must keep it short and simple. Likewise, creating a conversational tone in our message is extremely important. This can easily be done by using hyphenated words, casual words, occasional colloquialisms, everyday abbreviations, and even slang (keep it professional). Try to think of chatting with a family member or a friend; we don't really do "marketing speak" with them. Lastly, make use of the exclamation mark! While there are additional ways to humanize our writing, these are some of the more common ways. Realistically, the important thing to remember is that you're approaching a human being, not a robot. In other words, the whole interaction should feel friendly and conversational.

An Open-Ended Conclusion

This article will be updated continuously throughout the span of the coming year in order to shape and perfect the pinpoint method. For now, an open-ended conclusion will suffice. Due to the ongoing advancements in technology, marketers are required to use hyper-personalized approaches of marketing. For this reason, the basic idealogy of pinpoint marketing seems to fit the bill. By creating a humanized and friendly connection through a humanized approach, marketers are able to overpass traditional marketing obstacles that seem to bolster every coming year. As a result, a side-spark of interest may occur, further advancing the prospect through the sales funnel.

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